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Colby Covinton fights Tyron Woodley at UFC Vegas 11 tomorrow

Friday 18th September 2020 22:02

Tyron Woodley is back in the octagon tomorrow night as he takes on long-time critic and constant shit talker Colby Covington.

Colby's taken a few shots at Woodley in the past - who's looking to really try get back on the horse of coming off of two losses in as many years. Relenquishing the title to Usman in a one-sided grapple, and heavy pressure from and resulting in a decision win for Burns in an outing for ESPN back in May.

Colby kept his steady goading to Woodley, and has since made some impressive strives in the cage. Having beat Rafeal Dos Anjos, Robbie Lawler, and having put on a show in his title shot against still champion Kamaru Usman in both their last bouts, Colby's got to be kean to showout and get one in the win column to keep the momentum going.

Given Kamaru Usman's absolute domination against Woodley back on 2nd March 2019 at UFC 235, Colby might be looking to exact a similar gameplan given the strong wrestling he exhibits.

Standing with Kamaru Usman made for an interesting fight, whether he wants to do that with Tyron Woodley is different question. Woodley being arguably being one of the UFC's hardest punchers.

It's an important matchup, as it's hard to imagine Colby's faced a more devestating one-hit killer like Woodley before.

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