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Flyweight Champ Figueiredo trades with Moreno in late FOTY prospect at UFC 256

Tuesday 15th December 2020 19:38

Jack Hermansson Defeated By Jared Connonier

Given the quick turn around Deiveson Figueiredo got on his last bout mere weeks apart from the weekend's title defense, it's clear Dana White was looking to capitalise on the Brazilian's skillset and make him a draw.

Finishing his last opponent, Alex Perez, with a submission little more than 3 minute into the fight, the ease at which he was able to defend his title on 22nd November meant he was a strong candidate to get back in the cage.

Picking up a cool $50,000 FOTN bonus then, Moreno was also set for a quick turn around, himself getting a TKO over Brandon Royval in the closing minutes of the first round at UFC 255.

So the pair met this weekend and it went off. Big time. Snapping jabs were traded in between high kicks, hooks, a whole arsenal of attack displayed by both fighters that would see momentums shiftS and keep the contest buzzing.

There was a ton of fight coming from both Moreno and the champion Figueiredo who kept the pace up until the last round.

Both landing quality punches in their hands, Moreno was able to answer Figueirido's fiery output and tenacity with his own die-hard strikes and takedowns, little deterred by the Brazilian.

Moreno turned up with a champion attitude and took the fight to Figueirido reminiscent of the grittiness seen from his fellow Mexican's legend in boxing.

Earning himself a draw was a huge testament to his taking the fight to the champion who's been cultivating himself as a new beast on the roster, with impression of Jose Also is his authoritarian style.

Both fans and Dana White himself are already talking of a rematch, so look forward to this one being run back as early as late Feburuary/early March 2021 if we're lucky. Cracking bout.

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